1972 Schwinn Sting-Ray Fastback - At $101 my Mom had a cow but she got it for me

1974 Redline Squareback - Purchased in 1975 this was a true BMX bike!

1975 Redline Stu Thomsen Helicopter - Featured in the Bicycle Motocross News

1976 Redline Squareback - Ultimate racing machine

1976 Redline Squareback 16" - For the little racers back in the day

1976 Torker MX - 1st Frame from Torker to fit Kevin McNeil

1977 DG Steve Skibel / Landis replica - Featured in BMXA and one of a kind frame

1977 Redline MX-II - Everybody wanted one
- Scot Breithaupt's 3rd version prior to becoming the Mini Ripper

1978 Stu Thomsen Skatepark SE/Mongoose - Stu was a Freestyler before Freestyle was coined

1978 Redline ProLine - All Redline with Webco Magnesium wheels!

1978 Cook Bros. Mini - For riders under the age of 10 and not common

1978 Cook Bros. Dennis Dain Replica - Featured on the October Minicycle BMX/Action cover

1979 Redline ProLine Dennis Dain replica - Featured on the May Bicycle Motocross Action cover

1979 Redline ProLine - Totally tricked out ProLine ready to kick some butt!!!

1979 Torker Big Bike - Normal rear facing drop outs and rare

1979 inspired JU Mini - Jeff Utterback only made approximately 250 of these mini's

1980 Redline ProLine Stu Thomsen replica - Featured in Redline ads & Bicycle Motocross Action

1980 Redline ProLine Greg Hill replica - Featured in Redline ads for new Super Pro Line stem

1980 Torker Eddy King replica - Featured at the 2007 Rockford Vintage BMX gathering

1980 Cook Bros. 26" Cruiser - Minnesota starter/racer Gary Erdman's ride Cooked out!

1980.5 Cinelli MX-1 - Italian entry into the BMX market but only lasted for a year

1981 Cook Bros. Pit bike - Only six made and this is #2!

1981 Cook Bros. 20" - Featuring all CBR parts and Uni-Clamp stem
1981 Cook Bros. 24" - Super rare limited production frame and fork

1981 DG 16" Pit - Limited production, less than 50 ever made

1981 Redline Stu Thomsen Rondo Classic replica - Yes, raced in Saint Paul Minnesota

1981 Torker Bob Haro replica - Featured in the January 1980 Action Now magazine

1981 Torker Jason Jensen replica - Featured at the 2006 Rockford Vintage BMX gathering

1981 Torker LPX - The LPX replaced the Torker MX frame for larger riders

1981 Torker 26" - Torker's cruiser raced by Clint Miller

1981 Mike Buff replica - Exact replica of the bike featured on the Johar poster

1982 Torker LPX - Clint Miller, Dave Marietti, and Kelly McDougall

1982 Torker Eddie Fiola replica - BMX Action cover shot and Wizard Publications poster bike

1982 Torker 24 Cruiser - The new cruiser standard and raced by Clint Miller

1982 Haro Freestyler - Featured in the Bob Haro book, Freestyle Moves

1982 Tahoe 20" - Minnesota based company with Pro Dave Christensen

1983 Tahoe 24" - Team Tremco, Team Rondo, then Tahoe a Minnesota based company

1983 Haro Freestyler - Featured on the cover of February 1983 BMX Plus

1983 Haro Freestyler - Featured on the BMX Plus Poster and '83 Summer Tour

1983 Torker Pro-X - This is my personal racing machine from then!

1984 Torker Pro-X - Tommy Brackens actual racing bike winning multiple Nationals with

1984 Torker Micro Mini - Pint sized mini with Torker's famous double top tubes

1984 Torker Freestylist - Torker's introduction to Freestyle that was short lived

1984 CW California Freestyler "Luggage Rack" - Yup they made it and not too many of them!

1992 Redline Platinum - 20th Anniversary of Redline and only 50 made!

1998 Torker cruiser - Classic yellow Torker cruiser before they ended production for a 2nd time

2003 Haro Freestyler - 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Freestyler, #4

2005 Redline ProLine - Stu Thomsen's actual bike he raced

2016 Haro Bikes Master - 1985 Retro of the Master frame and setup like I had back in 1985

Since getting involved with BMX in 1974 I have had my share of bikes and parts lying around at my Mom's house in Duluth Minnesota.  2004 she decided she needed more space and wanted me to move all my parts to my home in Saint Paul, I complied.

Dabbled with the BMX message boards over the years but was more of a reader than contributor.  After going through many of my parts, magazines, pictures, videos from BITD it gave me the boost to start sharing some of my past bikes, experiences, and the great people/friends that BMX offered.

Unfortunately pictures from the early to mid 70's are gone from my family and am really bummed about those classic shots being gone.  Started to take over the photo taking due to my Mom's finger always being in the shot. 

Here are some of the bikes that I owned or have moved me in such a way that I built them up to share with you and others at various bike races & vintage gatherings.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to Email at JTFreestyle@Yahoo.com

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