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My 1970 Vista with a coaster brake was fine but when a kid sees a Schwinn they want one.  Actually my neighbor had a three speed and was bragging about how fast it goes.  My Vista had easy gearing so I had to move up to the next level.  My Mom couldn't afford $101 but managed to, thanks Mom!

The bike was too big for a six year old but we lowered the seat as far as it would go and I was off!  The bike was a Cadillac and stylish.  Well I wanted to show how fast this guy went and the three and five speeds raced.  At race time I was told I needed to be in 5th gear, what?  I stated I would lose due to being in a hard gear so we need a longer race.  The drag strip became a full fledge race around a trucking facility I grew up next to.  It had ruts due to the trucks sinking in the soft mud which became our first moto-cross course on bikes.

I learned that being in 5th gear was hard work, especially in the trucker's part of the race.  In the end I was able to pull off the win and what a thrill that was!  Later that Winter I saw On Any Sunday at the movie theater.  Wow, kids are riding just like me but they had bigger jumps.  I continued to do my own form of BMX at "The Track" which was built right behind my house for many more years.

Schwinn built a great product and can't believe all the crazy Evel Knievel and dirt jumping I did on that.  It's really sad to see a great company as only the Schwinn name now.   


Frame - Schwinn Sting-Ray
Fork - Schwinn
Stem - Schwinn
Bars - Schwinn
Grips - Schwinn
Brakes - Weinmann
Headset - Schwinn
Wheels - Schwinn
Front Tire - Schwinn Sting-Ray
Rear Tire - Schwinn Sting-Ray slick
Chain - Schwinn
Sprocket - Schwinn
Cranks - Schwinn
Bottom Bracket - Schwinn
Pedals - Union
Seat - Schwinn Banana
Seat post - Schwinn
Seat post clamp - Schwinn


Jeff "JT" Tollefson