This is the actual bike Stu raced for Redline from 2005 thru 2007. 

At the Winter National in Phoenix we had a huge old school reunion and Stuart was racing that weekend.  During the gathering we all learned of John Crew's battle with Parkinson's disease.  After the reunion many of us gathered up items that we would auction off on Ebay to raise money for Parkinson's research.  One of these items was Stu's Proline. 

Feel honored to own a bike ridden by Stuart and able to contribute money for Parkinson's research.

Stu and John were teammates on Redline and talk about two awesome guys who contributed so much to BMX and Hall of Fame members.


Frame - Redline Proline
Fork - Redline Proline
Bars - Redline
Stem - Redline
Grips - Redline
Plate - Custom made by gOrk
Brake lever - Shimano DX
Caliper - Promax
Brake pads - Kool Stop
Headset - FSA
Wheels - Sun Ringle with
Front Tire - IRC Siren
Rear Tire - IRC Siren
Chain - Shimano
Chain ring - Redline 44t
Cranks - Redline flights with double pinch bolt
Bottom Bracket -
Pedals - Shimano clipless
Seat - Redline
Seat post - Redline
Seat post clamp - Redline
Pad set - Redline
Co-sponsored - Starbuck coffee


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