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With the success of the Low Profile frame in 1978 and the Torker MX discontinued in 1979 Torker decided to eXtend the top tube by one inch to give the larger riders a frame to get rad on.  The normal LP frames were 18 1/4" and the LPX is 19 1/4" long.  I switched from a LP to LPX in 1980 and the bike handled even better with a longer top tube.

Another top quality product from the Johnson family!


Frame - Torker LPX 19" TT with original paint
Fork - Torker
Stem - Torker six bolt
Bars - Redline Proline
Grips - Oakley .5 with crud plugs
Brake lever - Dia-Compe underpull
Caliper - Dia-Compe MX-1000
Brake shoes - Kool Stop finned
Brake cable - Dia-Compe 1981 date
Headset - Tange MX-5
Rims - Araya 7b's
Front hub - Phil Wood Generation I
Rear hub - Phil Wood Generation I
Front Tire - Mitsuboshi Competition II Yellow Label 20 x 2.125
Rear Tire - Mitsuboshi Competition II Yellow Label 20 x 1.75
Chain - Sedis
Chain ring - Shimano
Cranks - Shimano 600's
Bottom Bracket - Torker
Pedals - Demco
Seat - Elina lightning bolt
Seat post - Race Inc.
Seat post clamp - Xcaliber
Pad set - Torker vinyl
Plate - Haro lightning plate original


Jeff "JT" Tollefson