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1981 Johar had a series of posters produced and Mike Buff was featured doing a one handed one footed kick turn on his SE Racing PK Ripper.  

Had this poster hanging up in my bedroom and years later finally got around to framing then displaying it properly.  Have been fortunate to own Mike's Bicycle Motocross Action jersey that is from the same time period.  Thought it would be neat to create a replica and after doing inventory I only had to buy the Tuf Neck stem and handlebars else had everything!  Oh, everything but an actual PK Ripper.  Have had another BDIII that I didn't know what to do so decided to use it for this project and if I ever find a PK Ripper I'll swap it out.

Have seen others replicate the bike but have not yet seen an exact replica down to where his tires are aligned the same as in the poster.

Mike has seen the bike and very stoked by it!


Frame – SE BDIII
Fork – SE Landing Gear painted by Chip at C4
Bars – Tuf Neck, NOS
Headset – Tange, NOS
Stem – Tuf Neck
Grips – Oakley .5’s with crud plugs, NOS
Brake – Dia-Compe MX900, Team lever, Skyway pads
Wheels – Skyway Tuff II with metal flange
Tires – Mitsuboshi Competition II & Stadium Yellow labels
Cranks – Redline Flight gen 1’s
Pedals – KKT FMX alloy, NOS
Bottom bracket – Stock with Redline Flight cranks
Chain – Sedis, NOS
Seat – Troxel, NOS
Seat Post – Race Inc. 
Seat Post Clamp – Suntour, NOS
Pads – Bicycle Motocross Action Vinyl
Plate – AERO 1st gen, very rare original

Dialed-In - Jeff "JT" Tollefson