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​​ The 1976 frame had some improvements and most notably the front gusset was increased in size with two holes, slight geometry change, and offered the finish in chrome vs. Nickel as seen with the '74/'75 Squareback.

 Redline's MX design into the BMX realm was huge and allowed many kids like myself to have a bullet proof bike but don't mention the $120 price tag for a frame and fork to my Mom in 1975.  The bike features era correct parts and the MX-60's are original finish and add to the chrome Redline offered for 1976.  The stem is a prototype that was featured only on the Redline Monoshock bike which had a production run of less than 50.  Eventually this stem was redefined as the Proline stem featured in 1977.  Kudos to Byron Friday for testing this stem which became another huge hit for Redline. Hope you all enjoy another historical Squareback ride. 


Frame - Redline Squareback original finish Fork – Redline Stem – Redline 1975 prototype Bars – Kawasaki tall bars Grips – Hunt Wild Headset - Tange Rims – MX-60’s original finish with sealed front hub Rear hub – Shimano coaster brake Front Tire – Cheng Shin Rear Tire – Cheng Shin Chain - Black Chain ring - Addicks Cranks - Ashtabula Bottom Bracket - Tange Pedals – KKT Rat trap Seat – Black quilted Seat post – Chrome post Seat post clamp – Chrome steel Pad set – White 


Jeff "JT" Tollefson