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1980 Stu left SE racing for Redline and with Stu being the #1 ABA Pro this really boosted sales of Redline and Stu's career.  Redline offered Stu the opportunities to expand his career which became a historic relationship.  The Redline team was "the Team", top quality products, National titles, NORA Cup winner, and great spokesperson/ambassador for BMX. In 1980 the ProLine was modified with a stronger rear dropout, lighter forks, same 5" head tube, and geometry change for better handling.  The ProLine was designed for riders 5'6" or greater and the MicroLine products for under 5' 6". 

Redline introduced a new catalog featuring Stu and his brother in-law Greg Hill. * New Super ProLine (brute) stem was introduced. * New Flight cranks that had no pinch bolt which was added late 1981 to secure the crank on the beefy Redline spindle. * New one piece Flight gear, lightweight, strong, and easy to change. * New flute seat post * New BMX "MX-III" complete bike * New TUFF RIDER complete bike * New MOTO-S complete bike * New EXPERT complete bike * New Jerseys, Jackets, patches, sticker sets, logo pads, caps, etc. The bike features what Stu Thomsen rode that year including the modified Honda MX lever and dust cover from his mini-bike.  It's very rare to see black wall Cycle Pro Snakebelly tires and here we have one on the back with a Carlisle Aggressor MX front mounted on first Generation Skyway Tuff's that were introduced then.

Two weeks before the 2011 ABA Grand Nationals I decided that I never raced a Grand National and decided to race this actual bike to see what it would have been like when Stu raced! First of all there were no brakes and couldn't find a way to stop with Tuff's. Swapped to Araya 7b's and still no brakes so went to chrome Araya 7x's with new school soft pads, couldn't skid but could slow down now.

I slipped on the MKS pedals causing two bad crashes, sprained ankles, wrist, and bruised sternum. Put some new school Shimano DX pedals on and pain and all drove 9.5 hours to have a good time.

The largest starting hill ever, longest track ever, and 13 whoops on the third straight didn't help with no training, in pain, and a very short wheelbase. The bike flexed so much at the gate I thought I was going to twist the stem or snap something. Surprisingly I got great starts but hitting that first jump full tilt was a disaster ready to happen!

To make a long story short had 32 guys in my class and after two motos of not being able to pump the track I switched to Stu's 2004 Proline that I never rode before. Made it to the main and got beat by a knobby to get 4th place with all the difficulties placed in front of me. It was fun yet scary since not racing since 1984. Greg Hill and Eric Rupe shook their heads stating I was nuts to race that bike but being the Vintage guy I am had to go out and just race with passion! Click here for a Stu Thomsen mini documentary Hope you all enjoy another historical Redline ride, I know Stu did at the Rockford 2009 Vintage gathering. VEHICLE Frame - Redline ProLine 5" head tube Fork - Redline ProLine Stem - Redline Super Proline Bars - Redline ProLine V Bars, NOS Grips - Oakley II's, NOS Headset - Tange Wheels - Skyway Graphite Tuff II's with Campagnolo hubs Freewheel - Suntour Front Tire - Carlisle Aggressor MX 20 x 2.125, NOS Rear Tire - Cycle Pro Snakebelly blackwall, rare Caliper - Dia-Compe 890, NOS Brake Lever - Honda MX Brake Lever cover - Honda Brake pads - Kool-Stop finned Chain - Izumi gold and black, NOS Chain ring - Redline 43 teeth, NOS Cranks - Redline Flight non-pinch Bottom Bracket - Redline unsealed Pedals - MKS rat traps, NOS Seat - Cycle Pro Shotgun, NOS Seat post - Redline fluted Seat post clamp - Suntour, NOS Pad set - Redline old font DIALED IN Jeff "JT" Tollefson