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In 1978 the ProLine was modified with a stronger rear dropout, lighter forks, 5" headtube, and geometry change for better handling. The frame was only offered in white in '78. Redline began to expand their product offerings with the famous V bars and redefined Redline Proline double clamp stem thoroughly tested by Byron Friday.  The stem features a 45 degree angle brace allowing for more surface area to be welded for strength.  The clamps in '77 were the same as the '75 prototype stem but Redline modified to increase the size for more gripping power, strength, and stamped for Redline quality. The bike features era correct parts and the Webco Magnesium wheels are original with the introduction of Carlisle Aggressor MX front tire.  Hope you all enjoy another historical Redline ride. VEHICLE Frame - Redline ProLine 5" headtube, only offered in white Fork - Redline Proline Stem - Redline Proline double clamp Bars - Redline V Bars Grips - DG, NOS Headset - Schwinn Rims - Webco Magnesium, original finish Rear hub - Bendix coaster brake Front Tire - Carlisle Aggressor MX 20 x 2.125 Rear Tire - Cheng Shin 20 x 1.75, NOS Chain - Schwinn Chain ring - Addicks 43 teeth, NOS Cranks - Ashtabula 7 1/2", NOS Bottom Bracket - Schwinn Pedals - KKT rat traps, NOS Seat - Mesinger padded, NOS Seat post - Alloy Seat post clamp - Redline modified DIALED IN Jeff "JT" Tollefson