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Been a fan of Bob's since his first Moline's artwork was in Bicycle Motocross Action in the 70's.  He continued to blow me away with his art and then the how-to on the Rockwalk.  I always did various moves and wheelies while goofing around but the how-to's solidified my need to express myself on my bike other than racing. 

Bob got freestyle rollin' in the 70's and when I met him for the first time at the 1981 Rondo Classic, he showed me that bike riding has no's infinite.  I started to ride more and more freestyle and when the first Haro Freestyler came out I had to be the first to get one.  Started performing in 1982 and still doin' it today!

Here's an original that started it all and glad to be a part of something from the beginning.  My bike has evolved over time and this is a tribute to Bob and all of Freestyle.  Oh, Bob was blown away when I sent him pictures of the bike before Rockford '07

Thanks Bob and Torker for makin' this gnarly frame & fork.  The best times of my life were when riding this Freestyler!!!


Frame - Haro Freestyler owned by J.T. since 1983 with original tan grip tape and signed by Bob Haro & Ron Wilton in 1983
Fork - Haro Freestyler J.T.'s original
Bars - Vector Bob Haro Signature with blue flex fighter
Grips - Grab on MX-3
Plate - Haro Series One with exact stickers and zip ties as seen on the cover of BMX Plus
Brake lever - Haro two finger
Caliper - Dia-Compe MX-1000's
Brake pads - Skyway Pro black with chrome fins
Headset - Tange
Wheels - Skyway Graphites with Generation I Campy hubs, Suntour coaster brake, and blue plastic valve caps (details)
Front Tire - Cycle Pro Snakebelly
Rear Tire - Raleigh blackwall street tire
Chain - Torque
Chain ring - Redline 44 teeth
Cranks - 1982 Redline flights with pinch bolt
Bottom Bracket - Hadley sealed in rare gold
Pedals - KKT rat traps
Seat - Cycle Pro Shotgun seat without shotgun holes, rare (properly placed dark rivets, not silver)
Seat post - Chrome-moly
Seat post clamp - Suntour
Pad - Blue Haro double stem


Jeff "JT" Tollefson