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We all know what a phenomenal racer Greg was and still is today but what the heck was goin' on with his hair in the ad?  Yes, we have kidded about this before and was going to do the same by wearing a "mop" hairpiece and wearing it at Rockford.  Well Greg couldn't make Rockford this year so I told my surprise to him when we chatted at the El Dorado event.  Greg had a laugh and well here's the mean racin' machine that Greg raced 34 years ago!

Personally I loved the geometry of the Proline's, they were very strong, light, and looked bitchin'!  Combined with some serious non-pinch flights, new Super Proline have a machine that allowed someone to have that technological edge to win a ton of races!

Hope you all enjoy another historical bike.


Frame - Redline Proline
Fork - Redline Proline
Stem - Redline Super Proline
Bars - Redline Proline
Grips - Grab-On MX-II, NOS
Brakes - Dia-Compe 890's, NOS
Brake pads - Skyway Tuff pads, NOS
Headset - Tange, NOS
Wheels - Skyway Tuff II with steel front flange and alloy rear flange
Front Tire - Mitsuboshi Competition III Yellow label
Rear Tire - Cycle Pro Snakebelly, NOS
Chain - Schwinn
Chain ring - Redline Flight
Cranks - Redline Flight with non-pinch
Bottom Bracket - Redline standard
Pedals - KKT lightning, NOS
Seat - Elina, NOS
Seat post - Redline
Seat post clamp - Suntour, NOS
Pad set - Redline originals
Plate - Haro lightning plate with Beaver Bicycles (BB) sticker


Jeff "JT" Tollefson