Eddie Fiola was sponsored by Bob Haro and the Torker low profile frame was a popular frame to use for flatland and ramp riding.  
This was an incredible day at the Skate City bowls as Eddie debuted the opposite one hander one footer and lookback one hander aerials! The winning bike looking simple featured some rare components: * Bottema Skate park reinforced forks * Redline non-pinch flite cranks * Skyway Graphite Tuff II's with Campagnolo first generation hubs * Mitsuboshi Competition III Yellow label tires * MAX seat cover * Bob Hadley sealed bottom bracket in Gold Eddie left HARO soon after this to start MORALES/FIOLA (MF) and the Torker was redesigned into the HARO Freestyler late 1982. Click here to see Eddie Fiola's reaction to the Torker!! VEHICLE Frame – Torker low profile Fork – Bottema M3 SkatePark reinforced, not racing, RARE Stem – Torker Bars – Redline V   Grips – NOS original Oakley .5's Brake lever – NOS Shimano DX Brake cable – NOS Shimano Caliper – NOS Shimano Tourney inverted Brake pads – NOS Skyway tuff pads Headset – TANGE Wheels – Skyway Graphite Tuff II's with Campagnolo 1st generation hubs Freewheel – NOS Suntour Front Tire – Mitsuboshi Competition III Yellow label 20 x 2.125 Rear Tire – Mitsuboshi Competition III Yellow label 20 x 1.75 Chain ring – NOS Redline Flite Chain – NOS HKK Cranks – Redline non-pinch Bottom Bracket – Hadley Sealed rare gold Pedals – NOS Shimano DX Seat – NOS Uni hammer head Seat cover - NOS MAX Seat post clamp – NOS Tuf Neck Plate - NOS original Haro Series one with original decals Pads - Original Torker nylon DIALED IN Jeff "JT" Tollefson www.JTFreestyle.com

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