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As Torker states in their catalog, "Stomp out the competition like the bigger boys on the Factory Team with the LPX.  Designed for the 15 and over rider, it is longer in the front end for more leg and arm movement, and is stronger because of the larger diameter downtube.  It has an American bottom bracket and is available in chrome, blue, red, and black.

For some reason the Torker blue really stood out to me compared to all the other brands at that time.  The blue TorkFlyte was such a cool complete bike accented with gold anodized parts.

Thought I would up the ante a little bit with some sano products of that time period to create this ultimate racing machine!

Cook Bros. state in their catalog:

  • New design SlantLine stem for lower handlebar positioning and sleek appearance; reduces stress on the top plate
  • It's the strongest and most reliable stem on the market today. Period.
  • Designed specifically for the aggressive, powerful rider and built to take the toughest abuse of bicycle BMX racing
  • F.W. McIntyre Pro bars are exceptionally strong and safe.
  • Unlike aluminum handlebars, they are highly resistant to metal fatigue
  • Features thicker cross bar for additional strength and ease of number plate attachment
  • The rise and set back of these handlebars has been specifically designed to offer the competitive racer maximum leverage and comfort
  • "Lay back" design seat post gives the rider better control on and off the race track
  • High-quality low-maintenance hub was developed after strenuous on-the-track testing
  • Sealed and anodized to protect against dirt, water, and solvent corrosion

Shimano DX crank set:

  • Z-Line crank arms with adjustable crank arm length from 170 - 180mm
  • One key release
  • Octa Joint Axle
  • Sealed bottom bracket, has ball bearings but with some seals to protect from dirt


Frame - Torker LPX
Fork - Torker
Stem - Cook Bros. slant Line
Bars - Cook Bros. F.W. McIntyre Pro bars
Grips - Oakley II's
Brake lever - Team Products
Rear Caliper - Shimano
Brake pads - Mathauser finned
Headset - Tange MX-5
Rims - Araya 7x
Hubs - Cook Bros.
Spokes - Double butted
Tires - Mitsuboshi Competition II Yellow label
Chain - HKK Smoker Gold and Black
Chain ring - Shimano
Cranks - Shimano DX Z-Line
Bottom Bracket - Shimano DX
Pedals - Shimano DX
Seat - Cycle Pro Shotgun
Seat post - Cook Bros. laidback
Seat post clamp - Cook Bros.
Pad set - Torker vinyl


Jeff "JT" Tollefson