Been known for my replica builds but this is the real deal, Tommy Brackens actual 1984 Torker Pro-X survivor that he won numerous races on right up to the November 1984 bankruptcy of Torker.

With being a Dad for the last three and a half years I haven't built a bike but our daughter, Jemma (little JT), suggested building one as she always saw this white frame and fork lying around. This was a great bike to introduce her to wrenching all the parts together a little bit and photographing the history of our awesome sport!

Frame - Torker Pro-X factory decals
Fork - Torker Pro-X factory decals
Bars - Powerlite
Grips - A'ME
Brakes - Dia-Compe MX-1000 with Dia-Compe large brake lever
Stem - ProNeck
Headset - TANGE with SST Dirt Skirt
Rims - Ambrosio
Hubs - B.P.P. Italy (Bicycle Parts Pacific)
Tires - Mitsuboshi Competition III
Cranks - Profile
Pedals - Suntour XC-II, sharpened into the Jaws of Death "Stuart looked at 'em and said that he hopes he never falls in front of me"

Chain - Sedis 3/32
Bottom Bracket - Ultralite, "It's the only one that I've found that will hold up to me"
Seat - Italia Turbo
Seat Post - Scura Speed Technology (SST) Command Post
Seat Post Clamp - Hutch
Pad set - Torker

If you never met Tommy Brackens you need to. Tommy is so funny and the stories are just too gnarly the way he communicates them.

The Human Dragster is so fitting as Tommy was so fast on the straights and a 1987 NORA cup winner!

After the Torker bankruptcy Tommy went on to develop Brackens Racing Products in 1986! Type your paragraph here.

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