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Let's just say that things over at CW were "different" in 1984!  As for coming up with new ideas in Freestyle they had no direction until Mike Buff came onboard.  The first thing he did was to redesign the California Freestyler by changing some angles and new standing platform.  The combination of Buff, John "Dizz" Hicks, and Ceppie Maes, the CW team became a huge hit allowing for a ton of bikes to be sold.

As fast as the "Luggage Rack" version was published in BMX Action it was pulled for redesign.  These were released to CW dealers until they ran out and then distributed the new improved "Buff" version.  Buff didn't know exactly how many were made but stated it wasn't too many.

I personally laughed at the ad when it came out and thought who would buy that thing?  Never thought I would own one and many years later here ya go! 

This is nearly bullet proof!  Great and dropout thickness.  Besides the "Luggage rack" mess it also has two mounts for both coaster and rear calipers!  This guy is "laid back" and had to add my original CW post from my '82 Freestyler to make it full on CW for 1984.  It weighs in at 31 1/2 lbs. even with the graphites!  The DK Freestyle stem was also very unique for its time.  The front brake cable inserts into the side of the stem and the cable goes through a hole in the wedge.  It works but not as good as the famous Pott's mod by Mike Buff's brother.

Hope you all enjoy another historical Freestyle ride.


Frame - CW California Freestyler "Luggage rack" with original finish
Fork - CW California Freestyler with original finish
Stem - DK Freestyle with side Pott's mod
Bars - CW Freestyle
Grips - Oakley F1's, NOS
Brakes - Dia-Compe MX 1000's, NOS
Brake pads - Skyway Pro Tuff pads, NOS
Headset - Tange MX-5
Wheels - Skyway Graphite Tuff II with Campy front flange and Suntour rear coaster brake
Tires - Mitsuboshi Competition Yellow label Stadium tires, NOS
Chain - Izumi
Chain ring - Redline Flight
Cranks - Redline Flights, 1982
Bottom Bracket - Hadley sealed with dimpled spindle
Pedals - Shimano DX,  NOS
Seat - Kashimax Aero, NOS
Seat post - CW laidback
Seat post clamp - Suntour, NOS


Jeff "JT" Tollefson