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Redline celebrated their 20th anniversary, 1972 - 1992, with only 50 Platinum 20" frame, forks, and seat post.  In the early 90's they were experimenting with suspension and to make the Platinum really gnarly they added a Browning adjustable suspension fork.  

The fork has three settings, soft, medium, and locked out that are quickly adjusted on top of the stem.  The frame has an integrated seat post clamp, superb USA craftsmanship, and unique Platinum finish.

Frames are numbered 1 through 100 and this frame is unique as it not labeled or has a serial number.

There were fifty 20" and 50 MTB made.

Frame – NOS Redline Platinum
Fork – NOS Redline Platinum/Browning
Stem – NOS Redline with adjustable fork
Bars – NOS Redline forklifter
Grips – NOS ATI
Brake lever – NOS Tech 7
Caliper – NOS Dia-Compe 901
Brake pads – NOS Dia-Compe
Rims – Araya 7X
Hubs - Original TNT Revolver
Freewheel – NOS Suntour
Front Tire – NOS Redline 20 x 2.125
Rear Tire – NOS Redline 20 x 1.75
Chain ring – NOS Redline Flite
Chain – NOS
Cranks – Redline single pinch
Bottom Bracket – Redline sealed
Pedals – Crupi square cages
Seat – Redline padded
Seat post - NOS Redline Platinum
Seat post clamp – Integrated
Plate - Original Redline Forklifter



Jeff "JT" Tollefson