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​​​​For 50 years I have been involved with  a sport that has shaped my life in so many ways.  Has given me opportunities to travel and meet tons of great people along the way.  Selling bikes, parts, bike sale, and Internet retailer has allowed an even greater audience.

​JT Freestyle evolved to making the scene of BMX and Freestyle grow.  At 17 I started to sell and promote the latest and greatest BMX and Freestyle components.  With our JT Freestyle performance we kept spreading the gospel of BMX to all these cities we traveled to.  Many that hopped on along the way are still involved and now have kids riding.

​I love to ride, promote, design, and help all that want to be a part of something that is totally awesome!  Being involved from the beginning of BMX/Freestyle I have a lot share and want to give back to the sport I love.