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​Wheels, Rims, Hubs, Tires (Tires shipped in a box an additional $5)

Memorabilia - Posters, Signs, Banners, Videos, Etc.

Seats, Seat Posts, Seat Post Clamps, Seat covers

Miscellaneous - Pads, Plates, Helmets, Skateboards, Etc.

Cranks, Gears, Bottom Brackets, Spiders, Pedals, Chains, Freewheels

Bikes, Frames, Forks (more categories below & first image has price)

Handlebars, Stems, Headsets, Grips, Brakes, Brake levers, Cables

For sale items are listed in US dollars with shipping to the lower 48's (please send zip code) else inquire about shipping abroad.  Foreign purchases via Paypal will incur an 5% fee, dang Paypal fees.

Please send your Paypal address description of the product(s) to be purchased, zip code, and your name so I can invoice you appropriately to JTFREESTYLE@YAHOO.COM thank you

Magazines, Catalogs, Books, etc. (multiple magazines will require a shipping quote)

​Click the 1st picture of each to see prices (shipping varies due to weight)

Jerseys, Pants, Gloves, Shirts, Hats, etc.

Decals and Patches (minimum order of $4.00)